Hiring With A 96% Success Rate.

Our hiring process is proven.

We source the best candidates in the market, not those that are on the market with a 96% success rate.

In addition our candidate and recruiter assessments enable us to give up to 12 months replacement guarantee on all hires.

Our services.

HST Assured 

HST Assured is a 21st Century hiring solution that is proven to find the best candidates in the market and not just those candidates available on the market - it goes way beyond boring job descriptions and the CV.

Our platform that includes competency questions, psychometric assessments, reference checks, vetting, screening and more.

Employee targeting

With HST Hiring’s Employer Targeting Digital Ad Technology it becomes possible to efficiently target potential candidates working for competitors or similar companies.

By creating a digital audience based on movement in the physical world, Employee Targeting allows you to target your competitors’ talent.

saved for clients in bad hires


success rate

months rebate scheme

Why you should work with us.

We find the best talent in the market

Hiring well is simply a process, which can span a whole range of sectors. This winning process is  one we like to think we’re very good at!

We have unique technology offerings

Our bespoke technology enables us to get your job ads in front of the very best talent out there, which in turn enables us to give brilliant ROI to our clients.

We have an excellent track record

We’re incredibly proud of our track record, and the fact that 80% of our clients are repeat or ongoing customers!

We love our clients

and our clients love us!

Whats the impact of not recruiting well?

Our unique Bad Calculator™ uses the latest data and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!