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Providing Hiring Services That Suit Your Business

HST Group is a business run passionately by founders who have more than 30 years combined experience of hiring both on a traditional fee based basis and through digital recruitment advertising.

We have a very simple ethos within the business – we want to provide a recruitment service that is completely client centric so that however we recruit for you it will be in a way that saves you time and money and gets results.


Three key divisions

Honest Recruitment

Our contingency service is for companies who want to save time hiring but feel more comfortable paying a percentage fee of first years salary once a new person starts with their business.

Simple Hiring

Our Managed Service is for firms who want to save significant money and time. We will learn about your business aims, culture and hiring challenges put together  a marketing plan

True Hiring Tech

Our tech business provides digital tools to our clients either as part of our hiring service or as a stand alone products that will benefit our clients. We have our own Applicant Tracking System

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