Auditor and Accountant  hiring with HST Assured – Oury Clark

Case Study.

We spoke with Sue Carter of Oury Clark following a successful HST Assured Campaign Read & View More below

The statistics

The Search

Auditors relocating to London

The Criteria

Looking For Staff Ranging From Auditors to Audit Managers

The Results

Time saved, Quality Hires & Significant Saving On Cost Of Hire 

The Intro

Sue Carter, Recruitment Director of Oury Clark explains why the HST Assured Service made us stand out from the crowd in terms of offering a seamless recruitment process to help them identify great staff they wouldn’t have found elsewhere

‘You Offer A  Bespoke Package’

‘Expectations Were Exceeded – 100% Success’

‘A Seamless Service’


‘HST Assured Is The Future’

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