HST Assured For Sales Recruitment.

HST Assured is a 21st Century hiring solution developed for companies hiring Sales Professionals that goes way beyond boring job descriptions and the CV

We source the best Sales Managers, Sales Directors etc in the market, not those that are on the market  with a 96% success rate. Our assessment process is so good that we also give up to 12 months replacement guarantee.

6 Reasons Why Firms Use HST Assured.

96% success rate

Our research and assessment process is so refined that 96% of the Solicitors & Partners we place are still in employment 12 months later and 70% still working two years laters (our clients tell us this retention rate is considerably higher than that experienced when using other agencies).

Greater accuracy

Our comprehensive behavioural assessments allow us to compile an in depth profile on every candidate, eliminating the guesswork from the recruitment process.

Zero Time Wasted

We spend considerable time on our pre-screening process, utilising video interviews and key competency questionnaires before we even shortlist candidates for you so that you don’t waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Easy online access

Using our unique, online HST Assured system, reviewing your candidate shortlist is fast and easy, delivering comprehensive, online profiles that can easily be shared with your colleagues anywhere in the world, on any Internet enabled device.

Save £1000’s

There are few business mistakes that are more expensive and more troublesome than a bad hire. But the HST Assured process is so refined, and so accurate, that our clients rarely experience this problem.  Not only that but our fees are extremely competitive

12 month replacement guarantee

We are so confident that the level of assessment undertaken will work well for your business that if a new starter leaves within 12 months we will find a replacement free of charge.

Whats the impact of not recruiting well?

Our unique Bad Hiring Calculator™ uses the latest data and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!