How We Made A Key Hire In 7 Days – Calibre Control

Case Study.

We spoke with Paul Cliffe of Calibre Control following a successful HST Assured Campaign in which Paul had been searching for 7 months Read & View More below…

The statistics

The Search

Technical Training Manager in Warrington

The Stats

41 Candidates in the market

  • 3 Candidate shortlisted within 7 days
  • 1 New Hire within 6 weeks

The Results

Long drawn out hiring process came to an end and a key hire made 

Uncovering Talent Other Firms Couldn’t

‘We had to try a different approach’

‘We had to try a different approach’

‘A Revolutionary Approach To Recruitment’

‘Better Results From The Same Brief’

‘Better Results From The Same Brief’

 ‘No One Enjoys Recruitment But HST Made It Easy’

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